Your customers are now just one tap away.
Palio Lite is available now!

Embed Contact Center, Livestreaming, Push Notifications, Instant Messaging, Video and VoIP Calls into your mobile app within minutes...

Why pay for expensive Contact Centers, Push Notifications, Business Messaging, and Media Promotions if you can do it for free in your mobile apps?
It's Your Market, Your Customer, Your Business. Why share them with others when you can keep them to yourself.

Live Streaming

Live video streaming service has revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers to engage and maintain an open relationship with their audience.

Contact Center

Dont chase your customer away! you can provide them with in-app Contact Center so they never have to leave. Engage with your customers through Video/VoIP Call or a simple text chat.

Video Call

Why not let technology deliver that smiling face to your customers? You can even use IP PBX/Telepresence Service Integration if you want to.

Audio Call

Built-in voice calling features simplifies the customer service experience for both customers and your help desk. We also provide IP PBX/Telepresence Service Integration.

Instant Messaging

A text-based communication system that integrates e-mail, and IM in a single UI enriched with attachments and many more.

Screen Sharing

Allow users to share their screen with other users in real-time.

Smart Features

A truly smart feature that you never thought existed; such as recognizing people’s expressions, Deepfake, even crowd counting. Allows businesses to allocate employees to less trivial work.


A collaborative tool to facilitate communication by allowing users to write and sketch on a shared whiteboard space.

Simply Practical

Embed the complete features of Palio into your mobile application just in a few lines of code.
You may optionally modify the layout, color, or disable some of the features later.

We have been working hard to provide the utmost practicality and ease for you.


For user security and privacy reasons, Palio/nuSDK for Android will not run under the following conditions:
    1. Rooted Devices
    2. Emulators
    3. Android version below 6.0 (API 23). Please make sure you have set minSdkVersion 23 in your build.gradle (:app)

For user satisfaction, all features provided in Palio have been tested to meet certain performance, reliability, and availability standards. If you need to test these features (Audio Call, Video Call, Conference, Online Seminar, etc.), please download IndonesiaBisa from Google Play Store. IndonesiaBisa is a Social Media built entirely on top of Palio/nuSDK to demonstrate Palio's performance, reliability, and availability standards.



Try it Yourself:

Just follow the simple instructions below to embed Palio Lite into your mobile application :

Just follow the simple instructions below to embed Palio Lite into your mobile application :

  1. Create a new Android Project or open existing Project in Android Studio. Please make sure you choose API 23 for Minimum SDK.
  2. Modify the app level build.gradle. See build.gradle (:app) tab above.
  3. Synchronize your Project with Gradle Files.
  4. Modify the activity_main.xml. See activity_main.xml tab above.
  5. Modify the (please connect with your Account). See tab above.
  6. Build your project.
  7. Run the app on Android Device.
Note. If you use a domain name in your package name, please use your own domain name. Using other company’s or an invalid domain name may cause your application to be terminated or unable to run properly.

Derivative Solutions Built On-Top of Palio Platform

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