Live Streaming

Live video streaming service has revolutionized how businesses communicate with their customers. The use of livestreaming services will allow companies to engage and maintain an open relationship with their audiences.

Video Call

Video call technology now plays a larger role within the customer service industry. There's an old adage in customer service that a real person, whose smiling face the customer can see, always wins.

Audio Call

With the available voice call features, your business can resolve issues faster, measure and improve phone support operations, and deliver better customer experience across every channel. It's easy to set up without hiring additional technicians, or managing new vendors.

Unified Messaging

You can easily implement various features in your apps such as groups with multiple topics, media attachments, secret messages, self-destructing messages, acknowledgemenets, and many others.

Screen Sharing

Enhance your demos and training, or guide your customer by allowing them to view your screen from theirs in real-time.


According to research conducted by IBM, up to 80% of daily customer service work can be solved by chatbots. Chatbots can respond to customer questions faster than humans without the need for down times. Speeding up response times allows businesses to allocate employees to less trivial work.


A collaborative tool to facilitate communication by allowing users to write and sketch on a shared whiteboard space.

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